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Mirko S. Markovic
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Was born in 1958 in Belgrade where he finished all his education. He graduated at the Faculty of Philology, Belgrade University in 1982. He is the author of seven titles, as well as the editor of the Childhood magazine. He is first redactor of ART TELEVIZION in YUGOSLAVIA. At the same time he is the founder and president of Kendo Federation in Yugoslavia. Today, he is the manager of the Djordje Jovanovic Public Library.

In the past, he engaged in journalism for ten years as an editor and founder of many entertaining newspapers and magazines. Numerous contributions to all important daily and weekly newspapers and magazines in the country and abroad POLITIKA, JEZ, SPILLKI, MONDE, STIL, KROKODIL, PALANTE, HURIET, NIN, BORBA, itd ,PAVLIHA...

THE VERY SMALLEST POEMS, the second edition.






1991. His first book - THE VERY SMALLEST POEMS, Anthology of the Serbian Epigram for Children, was published on the occasion of the publisher’s jubilee - 150 years of The First Serbian Library in the town of Irig. The second, enlarged, supplemented edition richly illustrated appeared in 1998.

1994. THE WORLD IS TIGHT IN JEANS, the Anthology of the Serbian Aphorism for Children, was published on the 50th anniversary of PROSVETA Publishing Company, Belgrade. This book, as well as all his books for the young was illustrated by Ljubomir Milojevic - Ljubac.

1994-95. A book EVERYTHING WAS MUSIC, is a collection of satirical stories made in the form of audio tape and published, at that time, in an incredible number of copies, 5.000. Publisher BEOGRAF. In the same year, the second edition, made in cooperation with AUDIO ART and VANS became the first audio book in our country.
An adaptation of the book EVERYTHING WAS MUSIC for the theatre, in the presentation of a Yugoslav great actor Ljubivoje Tadic was performed on the stage of the Theatre of the Young in Novi Sad in 1998, as an opening performance on the 3. Festival of Monodrama ZDI for the Young.

1996. THE BOOK FOR CHILDREN AND PARENTS is a book of discussions, experiments,reviews and observations about literature for children introducing a new term-literature for children and parents.
The publisher was EXCELZIOR, Belgrade.

1997. COLORFUL BOOK made in the format of CD ROM, is a scrapbook of witty humoresques, stories and dramatic miniatures and scenarios for comics.
Publishers: EXCELZIOR, Belgrade & CHILDREN HUMOUIR FESTIVAL, Lazarevac.

1999. THE ANTHOLOGY OF THE SHORT FORM FOR CHILDREN is the crown of anthology work in children’s literature. It gathers aphorisms, epigrams, short stories, graphiti and documentary observations for children.
Publisher, STUBOVI KULTURE, Belgrade.

1999. TARGET, an e-mail novel describes, without horrible pictures of war destruction, the period March 15 to April 15 1999. in Yugoslavia. Three young women living in three different parts of the world (Belgrade - USA - Norway) are fighting against the war madness with beauty and spirit. Beside them, there are two boys, balancing on the verge of law are disclosing to the world secret plans of military Serbian frauds and tricks, and there is a parapsychologist from Holland.
Publisher, NARODNA KNJIGA, Belgrade

2000.ECOLOGICAL FLOWER GARDEN, An anthology of literary gifts
on 440 pages
will represent a choice from 1,700 books for children
written in Serbian language. The whole book is a unique story
that flows as dew drops to the sea,as germs to pollen, from root of the tree to its crown, from a whisper to a legend...
Executive publisher INTERPRES, Belgrade.

The main task of this Practicum is to de-mystify Internet. Internet is our everyday necessity and that demands for active use. We should adapt ourselves as much as is needed, approach it consequently - not with excessive hope that it might solve all our problems but neither with despair, especially when business is concerned. The use of Internet in practice (browsing, consulting services, electronic market, advertising…) is the basis of this Practicum.

2002. BIBLIOTECA FUTURA is a collection of practicle experiences and innovations in the utilisation of borrowed libraries and their virtual presentation on the internet. Three segments, PRACTICUM, DIALOGUES and ARTICLES...each one of them, in their own way, answering the many 'How to' questions: How to implement the current management principles in the utilisation of the library? How to adapt the traditional methods of utilising the public libraries to the requirements of business marketing? How to develop certain segments of library business over the net and adapt your offer to the code of practice of business over the world wide web? How not to forget to include tradition when utilising the library's services but to find a practicum of solutions which are not present in the theoretical studies of librarianship in terms of European standards? To make things worthwhile you will also find articles that give e-mail addresses and web locations of those who have already taken the first steps into the mysterious uncertainty of the unknown. The author of this book is an irreformable practitioner who views culture in the light of equality and intergration connecting all civilised economic activity.
Publisher, ČIGOJA ŠTAMPA, Beograd





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